‘Tis the Season

There’s some fabulous fruit to be had in Beijing at the moment. Strawberries are in season (huh?), and citrus is exploding with flavor.

Have you ever tasted a fresh mandarin? They’re a Chinese New Year staple, and crates of them are just spilling over at the market. I’d only had the super sweet canned mandarin oranges in the States, but now I’m a convert. If you’re a fan of fruit that’s slightly tart- the mandarin is your guy….or gal. Not quite sure of the gender.  They’re really small, but they peel easily, and are a perfect snack.

I’d also never tried dragon fruit before arriving on the shores of China. But YUM. It’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, however you’ll just have ot wait for a peek of the innards. I’m not ready to eat him yet. And yes, I’d say the dragon fruit qualifies as male.

Inside, the flesh is sweet, solid white with tiny black seeds and it’s the texture of watermelon.

But most surprising is this little gem of a fruit that, despite having them in the US, I’d never tried before today. I admit, I’ve called people Kumquat before, but never tasted.

They are..delicious. Again, if you’re a fan of tart, grab some. You eat them rind and seeds and all, but I find that I spit out the seed. I’ve got big plans for a kumquat mojito tonight. The edible rind will give it a teeny bit of a bitter flavor, and the tart citrus will explode. It’s 4pm, which technically qualifies as happy hour, right?